My new EP 'REMEMORY' is available everywhere. It's a collection of my favorite songs I've ever released, and it talks about the difficulty of remembering your memories, through all the trauma and experiences. The phrase "rememory" was coined by the legendary author Toni Morrison, who grew up just under ten miles away from my hometown.


As we enter the next year and the next era of my music, I'm focused on creating things that have meaning and make you feel something. I hope this doesn't miss the mark for you, it definitely works on me.

Thank you to Ericka Johns, Big Gator Bossman, Donavon, Peachcurls, Lewi Astro, Dylan Kusch, Drew Colossus, Jake Harness, Tim from Pray 4 Prey, Starlite and Andrea Webb for helping create this project and the videos associated with it, as well as helping me push this as far as we can.

Bet on Cherry! and bet on yourself!

Directed by Will Cherry

DP - Jake Harness

Edit + Color - Jake Harness

Grip - Ericka Johns

Produced by Will Cherry

Additional Production, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar and Background Vocals by Big Gator Bossman

Mixed by Will Cherry

Mastered by Big Gator Bossman

Recorded in Elyria, Ohio and Los Angeles, California

Courtesy of So Be It., a division of Doubleprint Media